Work With Me

Hey there!

If you would simply like to get in contact with me on a personal matter then please use the contact form on the ‘Contact Me’ page or email me at However, if you’re representing a company and would like to collaborate, then please carry on reading…

I have recently fallen in love with Food Photography and Food Styling, while developing recipes for my followers; so I love to collaborate with companies who promote the same philosophy as me: healthy living and a balanced diet.

For any opportunities you’d like to invite me, please fill out your details in the Contact Form below, and I will assess each opportunity and let you know what Mindfully Moni can provide for you. I will then be able to send you a Media Kit with all the relevant prices and information you need to work with Mindfully Moni. 

Please note: I will only promote products/companies if your brand complements my attitude towards nutrition and healthy lifestyles, and if it is a good match for this site and my followers.

Sponsored Posts and/or Personalised Recipes:

Mindfully Moni can provide you with delicious, nutrient-rich recipes and original content for your product, with or without an exclusive recipe for your company! The following services can be included:

  • Recipe creation/ testing
  • Ingredient list
  • Food styling and photography
  • Promotion on Mindfully Moni blog and social media platforms with direct links to your brand/ company

Product Promotion (Giveaways and Reviews):

If you have a product that is suited to Mindfully Moni and matches my followers/ blog content, I can host a review and/or giveaway on this website, as well as all Mindfully Moni media platforms.

Recipe Development:

Creating recipes is what I do best and what I love the most! Mindfully Moni can develop well-tested, yummy and original recipes catered to suit your brand or product. It does, however, take considerable time to experiment with ingredients/ quantities, develop and finalise each recipe to ensure they are up to a high-standard (includes an ingredients list, clear and easy-to-follow instructions, a styling and photography set-up, as well as high-quality ingredients).

Personalised Discount Code:

In conjunction, with one or more of the above opportunities, I can promote your brand/ company by posting a special discount code which will give my followers a certain percentage off their online purchase from your website. The promotional code will be advertised on the ‘Discount Codes‘ page as well as whenever I post a photo or status on my social media platforms which features your brand. This percentage discount would help attract new customers as well as keep previous buyers loyal; whilst is especially effective during exclusive holidays/ celebrations such as Father’s Day, 4th July or Black Thursday.

Any Other Offers:

Feel free to send me an email! Mindfully Moni is happy to hear any other collaboration opportunities you have in mind – whether it is an Instagram takeover, guest post etc. Please just drop me an email (or use the contact form below) and we can further discuss your ideas to work out the logitistics/ plausibility, then make them into reality!

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