UK Blog Awards 2017 – Finalist!

Hi all!

A very quick and unconventional post to announce that Mindfully Moni is a finalist in TWO categories for this year’s UK Blog Awards 😱🎉 (in the Food & Drink and Health & Social Care) 🏆

So please show your love and support by casting your vote here 😇👍 It only takes a minute but would mean the world to me as I dedicate a lot of time to spreading the positive message of healthy living ❤️ 

It would also be a great help to me if you shared the link with your friends and families or on your social media platforms – thank you all in advance for your amazing support!

Forever appreciative of your loyalty as followers 😘

Mindfully, Moni x

Attention Britons: WIN FREE Blogathon 2015 Tickets

Calling all British health bloggers, fitness fanatics, foodies, organic promoters, conscious consumers, nutritionists, mindful eaters etc.!  


You’ve probably all heard that this month is (or hopefully even participated in) Organic September; and Of the Earth Superfoods is hosting an Organic Blogathon on Sunday 27th September at the Ice Tank Kitchen in London. I’ve been fortunate enough to be selected to participate in this amazing event! I will join eight other bloggers to hold cooking demonstrations – we will cook one ORGANIC recipe each, within just minutes, to show how easy it can be to eat organically! 



To celebrate this incredible event and to coincide with Organic September, I’m giving away 5 tickets (!!) to the Organic Blogathon.  


All you have to do is comment on this blog post your favourite healthy meal. 

Five tickets to be given away to five individuals. Tickets will give the holder guaranteed entry to the event. Entries must be received by 23rd September to be eligible.

Exclusive Teami Blends “Back 2 Skl” 20% OFF Discount Code



We all know what time it is when summer draws to a close and August bids us farewell 😓😩😭… But fear not, my Mindful Eaters, I’ve teamed up with the awesome people over at Teami Blends to give you not 10%, not 15%, but a whopping 20% off online purchases between Friday 21st and Sunday 23rd August using the code ‘MONIBTS‘. This is a back-to-school offer you don’t want to miss out on, so hurry; it only lasts for THREE DAYS!

With 20% off, there’s no reason not to kick start that teatox you’ve always wanted to try – ’cause let me tell you, their stuff actually works! I’ve even got my DAD hooked on Teami detox teas as he says they really help his digestion. So turn that frown upside down and wave away the Back 2 Skl blues with this amazing offer!

Don’t get caught out; you seriously don’t want to miss this opportunity! As once Monday comes round, the code will no longer be active 😔 So stop delaying and head over to their site now – international orders are accepted 🎉🙌

Don’t forget, use the code ‘MONIBTS‘ at the checkout for the 20% offer to be applied ☺️

Mindfully, Moni x

Love Your Blender + Giveaway!

Hi everyone!

Firstly, I’d like to personally thank you all for your incredible support throughout my blog launch as well as for these first couple of weeks blogging! I’m having such an amazing time and love sharing my recipes with you, but also really enjoy communicating much more directly and building a connection – which I think is very important.

To thank you all for your immense support and to supplement Love Your Blender‘s product launch, as showcased at the LNLO Show at Olympia on 3-5 July, we have collaborated to host an amazing GIVEAWAY! Love Your Blender have kindly supplied 3 gift boxes (including all 5 of their smoothie sachet blends – worth £14.95 each) which means there will be THREE WINNERS 😱 Please scroll down or click any of the links throughout this page to access the giveaway – there’s 15 possible ways to enter (across all social media platforms in order to allow as many participants as possible and not leave anyone out!) so there’s honestly no excuse not get involved.

*LINK TO GIVEAWAY* Click here or copy this URL into the address bar

Mindfully Moni with Nev, a co-founder of Love Your Blender, at the LNLO Show on 5 July

Mindfully Moni with Ruth and Nev, the two co-founders of Love Your Blender, sampling the Cherry Rose blend at the LNLO Show on 5 July

For those who haven’t yet heard much about Love Your Blender – you soon will as they’re bound to fly off the shelves! They specialise in creating the most perfect sachets of superfoods, nuts and seeds to boost smoothies with flavour and nutrition. All you need to do is pop in all the ingredients from the sachet into your blender along with fresh ingredients such as milk or a banana. As previously mentioned, there are five blends in total and each packet has full instructions inside each label – so it’s totally fool-proof and hassle-free in rushed mornings!

The Love Your Blender pre-prepared smoothie sachets are over 90 per cent organic so ties in perfectly mine and most of your ideologies as they use the highest quality ingredients which are chosen with much care and deliberation. They are also totally vegan and gluten free – fitting in with most modern day dietary requirements but please do check the labels for allergens (they are of course not suitable for nut allergies!!) Due to the nature of these sachets being pre-prepared for smoothies, the ingredients are whole where possible (particularly the nuts) to protect their flavour and nutrition until they hit your blender blades so be sure to adjust your blender settings/ programme to account for this. 


The five Love Your Blender blends are:

  1. Cherry Rose
  2. Super Berry
  3. Bright Greens
  4. Spicy Cacao
  5. Sweet Lacuma

Each of the above five blends are delicious and unique in their own right so you can only get the full experience of this genius product by tasting all of the blends. To be honest, I could rave about the yumminess of these blends all day if I had the chance as I not only love smoothies, but I love top quality ingredients and innovative flavour combinations – I’m happy to say that Love Your Blender delivers exceptionally well on both! Having said that, if I had to pick a favourite, it would have to be the very decadent Sweet Lacuma because, whilst satisfying my sweet tooth (resembles a gorgeous, creamy caramel), it is so flavoursome and with such diversely textured/ tasting ingredients of lacuma; carob; pecans; mulberries; flaxseed and hemp seeds, your tastebuds are really sent on a rollercoaster of exciting flavours!

With nothing else left to say, I now present to you our co-hosted giveaway which will run between today (Friday 10th) until Monday 27th July:

Mindfully Moni & Love Your Blender giveaway!!

Feel free to share the giveaway link with friends since there will be THREE WINNERS so a high probability of winning! I hope you’re all as excited as I am about this opportunity as well as for the Love Your Blender smoothie sachets to hit the shops soon… Stay updated through their social media platforms as well as their website.

For my own recipes using Love Your Blender sachets, click here.

Here’s to healthy living and balanced eating!

Mindfully, Moni x

PS. Winners will be announced on my blog shortly after the closing day as well as all my social media accounts. Links can be found in the sidebar of my blog/ my about page.

Mindful Eating

I just thought that as my brand identity is ‘Mindfully Moni’, I should actually explain (or try to at least) what eating ‘mindfully’ is. 

In our modern, 21st-century lives which are based around technology and the Internet, we all experience mindless eating to some degree (even if we don’t realise we’re doing it – I used to be a severe culprit before). Whether it’s munching on-the-go snacks whilst commuting, or checking our emails/ social media accounts whilst we eat lunch. Increasingly, our fast-paced and non-stop lives are reflected in our relationships with food. We’re always striving to get more done, and the result is that a lot of people nowadays are completely disconnected from what they’re eating, and how much they’re eating it. 

Through my blog and social media platforms, I’d like to promote an alternative. It’s important that we try our best to slow down and change the way we interact with our food! The effects which mindful and nutritious eating have on every aspect of our lives is incredible – so let’s make a gradual shift towards paying attention to what we’re putting into our bodies. 

Good tip from B Fresh Juice

Reasons to Eat Mindfully

1. Enhanced taste

Ever since I started eating more mindfully, I now enjoy subtle flavours in foods that hit my taste palette with a zing. These flavours, such as fruit essences, would have previously been lost to me amongst all the other tastes. If I eat something high in salt, fat, oil, or artificial flavourings, I can now feel the texture/ flavour of these very strongly (so much so that’s it’s overpowering). This just highlights that if you really listen to your body, you’re more likely to make healthier choices.

2. Improved digestion

The digestive process starts in the mouth as a mechanical mechanism, but when eating in a rush, the enzymes in our saliva don’t get the chance to start the breakdown of food properly. This means the stomach and rest of the digestive system has a harder job to do. When more mindful of food, everything runs much more smoothly.

3. Satisfaction

When I eat more slowly and chew my food properly (about 20 chews per bite), I tend to be satisfied with having less. This could particularly benefit you if you’re prone to overeating. You’re brain registers how long you’ve been eating and how many chews you’ve taken, making you more satisfied after more chews but less actual food.

How to get started…

1. Start small

Trying to alter everything at once rarely leads to long-term success, but instead will develop a craving your your previous habits and routine. Start with one meal each day to focus on eating mindfully (I would suggest dinner as its the least rushed meal but it’s totally up to you), then build gradually when you’re comfortable.

2. Embrace preparation

Enjoy the process of preparing your own food – I find cooking so relaxing and the perfect way to relax after a stressful day. If you really focus on what you’re doing, it can be a relaxing, almost meditative experience. Plus, you will be more aware of exactly what’s going into your meal.

3. Remove distractions

Because we’re always trying to save time, so many of us multitask when we’re eating. Instead, put the laptop lid/ phone/ tablet down and switch off the TV. Perhaps make it a rule that you can only eat at the kitchen table (and not the living room or your bedroom). This really forces you to pay attention to what you’re putting into your body. I find that eating with my family helps me to stay mindful as there’s no chance that I’ll bring out my phone and get submerged in something on the Internet instead of focusing on my food.

4. Eat slowly

I used to scoff my food down as quickly as possible, but I now try to slow down. Using smaller cutlery can help with this. Take small mouthfuls and chew your food thoroughly, 15 to 20 times – even count in your mind to get used to the feeling of chewing for longer. Really try to savour the flavour and textures with each bite, enjoying each taste as it hits your taste receptors.

5. Share with others

I mentioned this briefly in no. 3 but make a real effort to get the family involved whenever possible, in both the preparation of the meal, and eating it. Share with each other what you think of the food and how it makes you feel. Not only will this help you be more mindful of your eating but also establishing the tradition of family mealtimes can help strengthen relationships.

Mindfully, Moni x

Inspired by Thrive Magazine.

Hello world!

Hi everyone 🙂

I’m not even sure where to start – just that I am so excited to officially join the HBloggers world! I’ve been planning to create a food blog for quite a while now, but have always been constrained in terms of time due to school so it’s taken a while for this blog launch to actually happen… But we finally made it!

The main reason why I created Mindfully Moni is because I am a massive foodie – there’s no simpler explanation then that! My interest for nutritional eating and fitness has developed over the past few years and now I strive to inspire others to lead healthy, balanced lifestyles which aren’t extreme in one way or the other. This has motivated me to cook/ bake many delicious, nourishing meals and treats in order to raise awareness (via my social media platforms) of the nutritional value of eating a wholesome diet. I hope that with Mindfully Moni, a plant-based food and health blog, will continue this goal of inspiring others – like you – to look after their bodies from the inside and out.

I look forward to learning and sharing the benefits of balanced eating with you and many others world-wide! Please feel free to leave comments on my posts, share my recipes and check out my social media accounts which supplement my blog. If you recreate one of my recipes, I would love it if you could use the hashtag #mindfullymade and tag my social media handle so that I can admire your food creations.

Mindfully, Moni x