Young Food & Drink Entrepreneur of the Year 2016

Calling all mindful eaters, health foodies, fitness fanatics, budding food entrepreneurs and everything in between!

I’ve got a very exciting opportunity to share with you today which could change your life and turn your entrepreneurial dreams into a reality! Cotswold Fayre is offering £1,500 in funding and a year of mentoring from company Founder, Paul Hargreaves to help you progress your business.

Their annual awards aims to support young, budding businessmen and women between 16 and 25 years old who have a new fine food product that they are looking to bring to market. Whether you’re in need of a boost to materialise your ideas and dreams into a flourishing business, or a bit of extra advice to take your business to the next level be sure to check out the application page – don’t end up regretting a missed opportunity which could accelerate YOUR business plan.

My support for this scheme

As a young, ambitious person myself who is deeply passionate about the healthy food and drinks industry, I am 110% behind this scheme as I understand how difficult (and scary) it is to take a leap of faith and dedicate all your efforts to accomplishing one goal, especially if it is contingent on having the right contacts, investments, social media followers, endorsements, brand identity etc.

Starting up my blog – with the incentive to inspire others to lead healthy, balanced lifestyles which aren’t extreme in one way or the other and to look after their bodies from the inside and out – was nerve-wracking because I knew it was an already concentrated market. However, I refused to let any self-doubt prevent me from doing what I love and my desire to connect with others like me across the globe, who share my passion for wellbeing and wholesome eating. And since my first blog post, I haven’t looked back – my only regret is not setting up my blog earlier! This is why I couldn’t express strongly enough the extent to which I support Cotswold Fayre‘s start-up support scheme. I think it’s the perfect motivation and support network for young, ambitious and determined entrepreneurs-in-the-making who would otherwise struggle to secure the final boost they need to successfully get their concept, prototype, or product in its early stages on the market!

Why apply?

Now in its fourth year, the initiative aims to help food entrepreneurs aged between 16-25 years old with financial and mentoring support to make their business a success.

The winning food and drink business will be awarded £1,500 to help grow the business as well as monthly mentoring sessions with Paul Hargreaves to discuss and develop their business plan and support from Cotswold Fayre’s in-house designer to build a strong brand identity through design and take things to the next level.

Having started a business himself 17 years ago, Paul Hargreaves completely appreciates that the hurdles to starting a new business can be daunting; therefore understands the value of, not only offering a small amount of monetary support but also, mentoring the winner of the start-up support scheme throughout the first year.

The winner of Young Food & Drink Entrepreneur of the Year 2015

Last year’s winner, Jerome Jacob, founder of PHROOTI, said: “Winning the Cotswold Fayre Young Food & Drink Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 award has helped me achieve industry recognition, helped with my start-up costs and, most importantly, given me an invaluable mentor in Paul”.

Jerome Jacob

Don’t waste one more second of deliberation and send off your application NOW (before 30th June) to ensure that you don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity; you never know, you could surprise yourself and end up achieving all your hopes and ambitions as a result of one simple application! Don’t kick yourself later by thinking ‘what if I had applied…?’ For more information and to apply now head here…

Mindfully, Moni

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