Wild Thing Paleo Review

When Wild Thing contacted me looking to collaborate, I couldn’t say no to their exciting and vibrant Paleo bars. I knew that this was a company who I’d love working with as their ethos complements mine – bio, vegan, organic, Paleo and generally wholesome food without comprising the delicious factor!

I’m a big advocator for eating Organic foods because organic paleo food is grown without pesticides and in a way that helps bio-diversity thrive. It also guarantees that there are no additives, chemicals or unacceptable processing added during production. That’s why I love that Wild Thing organic paleo bars are made exclusively with raw ingredients.

BERRIES AND SEEDS: On an initial impression, I loved the look of this Wild Thing bar – the deep, vibrant purple colour and funky design gives the whole company and snacking experience a fun and carnival-like feel to it. And that’s exactly the sensation you experience when biting into the bar – a burst of wholesome nutty and berryilicious yumminess (sunflower seeds, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, blueberries, goji berries) 👍 I also loved the texture, the chewiness of the bar is perfectly complemented by the crunch of some of the bigger nuts such as the pumpkin seeds to give an all-round delicious tasting experience👌

COCONUT & CHIA: Loved the crunchy, flapjack-like texture to this bar. I’d say that it was actually my favourite one as it was sweet (I have a major sweet tooth) due to the main ingredients being dates, coconut and cashews. But it had truly divine taste – similar to that of golden syrup – which perfectly complemented the slightly more bitter taste of the chia seeds.

CACAO & ALMOND: Heightened by the luscious smell of cacao, I was particularly excited to try out this flavour – and I definitely wasn’t disappointed! Biting into the bar, my tastebuds were awakened by the strong taste of cacao – in all its raw, natural, bitter and earthly glory ❤️ Think it is the perfect bar as a not too indulgent, guilt-free treat as its’ not overly sweet or decadent – so is absolutely the right snack to curb any hunger pangs or chocolate cravings without the feeling of guilt/ failed self control afterwards. Also loved how the chewy texture was broken up by small chunks of almonds to provide a crunch every now and again 🙂

NUTS & SEEDS: I’m simply in love with all things nutty so this bar was delicious in my opinion! It had a slightly different texture to the others due to its composition of various nuts and seeds (sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds) and is crunchier, more grainy and has small pieces of nuts/ seeds distributed throughout the bar which I quite enjoyed as each bite has a slightly different taste and crunch to it 🙂 I was happy to find that there wasn’t simply one nut/ seed which overpowered the others in terms of flavour, each nut/ seed was definitely present in an equal and complementary way 👌 Absolutely divine!

Mindfully, Moni x

VitaLife: Matcha Review

I was particularly excited when VitaLife contacted me, asking whether I had tried out matcha green tea before. Of course I’ve seen matcha take over the health world and take over the fitness foodies’ newsfeed on Instagram, but I had never before ventured out to jump on the matcha bandwagon. That was, until I sampled VitaLife’s matcha tea.    I was even more thrilled at the invite to be part of the VitaLife affiliate programme, enabling me to offer my readers, followers and fellow healthnuts an exclusive discount off all online purchases from VitaLife. As featured on my discount codes page, you can use the code MINDFUL16 at the VitaLife checkout for 5% off all orders – the best news is that it’s unlimited use and has no expiry date so you can go absolutely wild with it 🙂 Maybe after reading my review, you’ll be inspired to try out their matcha green tea!?

For those of you who have never heard of matcha green tea and are wondering what on earth I am talking about, matcha is a powdered green tea grown in exclusive regions of Japan. Matcha green tea is absolutely amazing in terms of nutrient content as it has been found to contain over 137x antioxidants of standard green tea, as well as a ‘feel good’ amino acid derivative called L-Theanine. It is also known to improve mental focus and awareness; boost your metabolism (i.e. you can burn fat faster and easier); detoxify the body; and have anti-aging properties. With a plethora of health benefits, Vitalife offer the most extensive range of matcha green tea in the UK.

In terms of the taste, it is definitely for an acquired palette as the taste of matcha is quite strong – it is the chlorophyll and amino acids that give matcha its unique rich taste. Although matcha has an initial vegetal, astringent taste, it is then followed by a lasting sweetness which makes the overall drinking experience pleasurable and relaxing. I liked drinking my matcha in the traditional Japanese style: sifted (to remove the lumps) and then whisked with hot water to produce a full-bodied green tea as I enjoyed the intensity of the taste (I do love strong flavours such as dark chocolate). However, matcha is very versatile and can be added as an ingredient (to oatmeal, for example, smoothies or banana ice cream) since the taste of becomes much subtler – and turns the food a lovely shade of green.

Mindfully, Moni x