Attention Britons: WIN FREE Blogathon 2015 Tickets

Calling all British health bloggers, fitness fanatics, foodies, organic promoters, conscious consumers, nutritionists, mindful eaters etc.!  


You’ve probably all heard that this month is (or hopefully even participated in) Organic September; and Of the Earth Superfoods is hosting an Organic Blogathon on Sunday 27th September at the Ice Tank Kitchen in London. I’ve been fortunate enough to be selected to participate in this amazing event! I will join eight other bloggers to hold cooking demonstrations – we will cook one ORGANIC recipe each, within just minutes, to show how easy it can be to eat organically! 



To celebrate this incredible event and to coincide with Organic September, I’m giving away 5 tickets (!!) to the Organic Blogathon.  


All you have to do is comment on this blog post your favourite healthy meal. 

Five tickets to be given away to five individuals. Tickets will give the holder guaranteed entry to the event. Entries must be received by 23rd September to be eligible.

6 thoughts on “Attention Britons: WIN FREE Blogathon 2015 Tickets

  1. My favourite healthy meal has to be healthified protein pancakes! Not just because there is nothing unhealthy in them but also because they’re SO quick and easy.. Not to forget absolutely divine! I also love how you can have them sweet or savoury! All round winner. Love you Moni xxxx

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  2. I love comfort food – my favourite meal would have to be a sweet potato jacket filled with a veggie carne! Sweet potatoes are always available and you can always experiment with different veggies depending on what you like and what’s in season. Finally it’s September and butternut squash is back in season! Always super tasty and filling! 🙂

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    • Omigosh you just described my perfect meal 👅💦 sweet potato is the bomb and I literally have it every day at least once 😅 gotta love a warming bowl sweet potato and butternut squash soup in autumn 💛


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