Tossed Review

When the lovely people at Tossed messaged me, inviting me to review their food, I couldn’t turn down that offer! I was so excited to make my way to their store in Baker Street (yes the road where Sherlock Holmes ‘lives’!) as I’ve been meaning to stop by for ages, and this gave me the perfect excuse to kick my ass into gear and finally find out what everyone on social media is raving about – and I wasn’t disappointed, oh no!

Tossed pride themselves as having a simple mission: to create a new, healthy and exciting food experience, that doesn’t compromise on taste or portion size, for the UK market. They believe that healthy eating isn’t – and shouldn’t be – boring. To them, it’s about following a balanced diet that includes lots of fresh vegetables, lean protein, low GI carbs and the occasional treat as a reward!

By keeping food simple, fresh and natural, you can eat to your heart’s content.

At Tossed, you can create your own lunchtime masterpiece using their extensive range of fresh, locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. Alternatively, like me, you can opt for one of their signature house salads, wraps, toasties, soups, pho and breakfast dishes, all of which undergo rigorous taste tests and only the very best recipes make the cut. Amazingly, all their food is made fresh on site daily so healthy eating on-the-go has never been easier. And with both vegetarian and vegan options also available, there’s no excuse not to pop in ASAP! 


As I mentioned, I ordered a pre-set dish from their menu and chose the Thai Green Tossed Pot with chicken. The service was really quick and I had my hot food served to me, all packaged and ready to go, even before I finished deciding which smoothie to order! I ate in-store as I simply loved the atmosphere (quirky, stylish and fun decor with lively music to suit the energy of the place and staff’s spirit) and was surprised to have my smoothie brought to me at my table, unlike at other takeaway places where you have to wait around the till for your order. The staff really cater their service to your convenience and is just an added bonus to the fact that their food is nourishing and satisfying, having a low GI content to provide longer-lasting energy. Therefore, it’s safe to say that I’m 10000% happy with service as the employees are so friendly and welcoming – I was greeted on my way in by a worker (even before they recognised who I was and knew that I would be reviewing them)! 


Another important point for me was that Tossed is conscious not to further endanger our vulnerable planet and so sell their food in environmentally friendly packaging. Their bowls are recyclable; their smoothie cups are made from 70% recycled plastic; and their menu is produced from 100% recycled materials!


soy bean sprouts, carrot, red onion, spicy Thai dressing, coriander & mango slaw, crispy shallots, Thai green sauce, supergrains

I truly have nothing negative to say about this main, it ticked all the right boxes and more! Starting with the spicy Thai dressing and ending with the crispy shallots, this hot dish is beyond delicious. Every single ingredient is added for a reason – either for flavour, texture or nutrition – and not just thrown in for no reason: the spicy Thai dressing provided flavour, the supergrains constituted a satisfying meal whilst adding nutrients, and the mango/ vegetables presented the dish with a vibrant colour, varying textures as well as wholesome flavours! 


Even though I’m not a fan of hot, spicy food, I loved the kick which accompanied every constituent of this Tossed Pot – it was just enough to excite your taste buds but not too overwhelming so that you wouldn’t be able to finish your meal. The spicy Thai dressing was in fact more like a broth as it was quite thick, but jam-packed with flavour which was soaked up by the grains and other ingredients (not just a sauce which is left in a puddle at the bottom, having dripped off everything) so that everything was a bombshell of Thai flavours. This meant that none of the ingredients were bland – every mouthful was orgasmic for my taste buds! And also, this burst of spices was perfectly softened by the refreshing, cool mango and thus never overpowered the other ingredients in the dish.

What I also enjoyed was that the chicken was cooked beautifully so that it was soft and superbly complemented the more crunchy texture of the supergrains and crispy shallots. I was also pleasantly surprised by the fact that the soy bean sprouts were cooked thoroughly until soft, rather than left raw and crunchy like in most salads. However, my favourite component of the dish had to be the ‘mango slaw’ as (well, I love all things tropical anyway) it was incredibly flavoursome, subtly lending a tropical taste to the whole dish and complementing the other spices as well as heightening the general tasting experience! 


From a foodie/ aesthetics point-of-view, I was also happy to see the addition of the carrot strips, mango and parsley as they all provided the Tossed Pot a gorgeous colour to make the whole dish even more appetising and appealing to the eye! This simply made the entire tasting experience even more sensuous so that I eagerly finished off every last bite (and wanted more even though I was so stuffed). Despite being served a very generous portion – I ordered a medium not even a large – and feeling full half-way through, I practically scraped the bowl clean as I’d never tire of this ass-kicking dish which is chockfull of flavours and nutritional yumminess! 



mango, strawberries, passion fruit, banana, orange juice

As a massive fan of smoothies who drinks them almost everyday, I do consider myself a Smoothie Queen so am very judgmental and brutally honest if I buy a smoothie that is not up to my standards. With that in mind, it means even more when I say that Tossed‘s Passionista Smoothie was the bomb! 


It was just the right consistency for me: thick enough so that it wasn’t watery but not so much so that it was difficult to drink. The smoothie felt so refreshing since it was cold and bursting with fruit. Because it was blended fully, the texture was really smooth and free of any chunky bits which would get stuck in your straw and block it, making it the perfect on-the-go snack to boost not just your mood but your vitamin intake too 🙂

I probably loved it so much because the Passionista Smoothie is sweet, having banana as one of its main components which not only provides the sweetness but also presents the smoothie with a thick, slightly frothy texture whilst being deliciously satisfying. Also, the combination of strawberries with banana is heavenly and the strawberry taste comes through strongly as does the topical taste of the mango and zesty, citrusy flavour of the orange (the passion fruit is slightly lost amongst the fruity flavours but that’s not a criticism).

Once again, the bright, attractive orangey-pink/ peach colour appealed to my sense and taste receptors in anticipation, prior to drinking. Sipping these vibrant, citrusy and tropical flavours was even more vivaciously fruity than its luscious colour and sent my serotonin levels rocketing! Plus, like with the main, the portion size was very generous so was also really filling – not to mention that it constitutes 3 portions of your 5-a-day… What more could you want!? 


All in all, I was completely blown away by the impressive service, quality of food and amiable atmosphere; I can’t wait to pop in again and am already choosing my next meal here – their menu is just so appetising with mouth-watering options!

Mindfully, Moni x

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