LifeFood Review

– CACAO SPIRULINA RAW PROTEIN POWDER: The most delicious blend of superfoods which is simply so easy to pour into a blender with some fruit or just in a glass with some water!

Absolutely loved the strong cacao taste but it’s not so decadent as it’s counterbalanced by the spirulina to give it a nutritious kick and satisfyingly wholesome feeling. The combination of hemp protein powder with the superfoods makes it the perfect post-workout refreshment or drink in the morning as protein helps to kickstart the body’s metabolism! I could really enjoy every single ingredient as when slurping/ spooning, each mouthful provides a different tasting experience: cacao, banana, spirulina or lucuma to constitute a rollercoaster of flavours for your tastebuds 🙂 Check out the amazing health benefits here.

– BERRY SUPERFOOD LIFEBAR: Gorgeously fruity bar with the balancing potency of maca, nutritional qualities of baobab powder and antioxidant power of cranberries. I simply loved the chewy fruit pieces in this Lifebar as it provided a different texture to the nuts and seeds. The combination is truly sensational and curbs hunger pangs in a healthy plus tasty way! It also has a pinch of crystal pink Himalayan salt for an amazing combination which truly gives fantastic result in terms of energy boosting as well as presenting the Lifebar with a unique, flavoursome taste.


– TROPICAL MIX RAWMEO: These yummy confectionary balls are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet-tooth. It’s made from pure dried fruits, nuts and seeds but without any added sugar so is simply the best choice for a delicious alternative to unhealthy sweets/ junk food! Each truffle was a different flavour: pineapple and mango, cacao nibs and orange zest & almond and pineapple so all had their own unique, sensational flavour!!

Mindfully Moni with Sandrine & Co. from LifeFood at the LNLO Show on 5 July

As in the name, RAWmeo, the truffles are 100% raw and made using organic ingredients👌They actually remind me of bliss balls in particular as they have a similar texture due to the base ingredient of dates but are less chewy as the truffles are chockfull of crunchy almond nuts (and cacao nibs for the orangey one) to perfectly complement the sweet date taste. My favourite one had to be the cacao nibs and orange one since the bitter crunch of the nibs and sweet, zesty orange combined to make the most heavenly taste – reminding me of a healthy Jaffa cake! But having said that, I loved the tropical flavours of the mango and pineapple truffle (they really remind you of a Piña Colada but without the nasties) plus the crunchy, nutty truffle was simply divine and the perfect addition to the sweeter, more chewy two truffles! All in all, LifeFood’s Rawmeo really was a delicious dessert which I’d have a million times over without a doubt 👍

– CRISPY ONION RINGS: At first, I was slightly sceptical about trying the crispy onion rings since it’s an unusual product – but as the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover as I was pleasantly surprised to find how much I enjoyed them! So fear not, you will simply love this LifeFood product and is simply the perfect healthy replacement to ‘normal’ crisps as they’ve got a similar texture (but these are slightly tougher to chew and less crunchy) and are slightly salty as there is sprinkling of pink Himalayan salt on the onion rings. The difference in tasting experience from these LifeFood crisps and regular crisps is that the onion rings are dehydrated so when placed in your mouth, the saliva supplies moisture to the crisps so that the crisps become softer and chewier.

You can compare it to other vegetable crisps – beetroot and sweet potato crisps are the most common – but this LifeFood product really does take raw vegetable crisps to a whole new level! It’s a totally unique twist placed on dehydrated vegetables as the tiny onion rings are in fact marinated in a spicy, a la barbecue sauce of dried tomatoes, nuts, raisins and chilli for a completely sensational tasting experience. It’s quite spicy, but not too much if you usually prefer milder foods like me – just the right amount of spice! This flavoursome snack with a bite can be accompanied with a refreshing, summery drink 🙂

Mindfully, Moni x

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