CocoPro Review

I was super excited to collaborate with CocoPro and so glad that I did because their protein coconut water is seriously the bomb! Taking pride in being the first ever company to make PROTEIN coconut water, I definitely think they’re onto a winner here as coconut water in itself is so nutritious and adding that extra protein (in the form of whey) makes these drinks the perfect post-workout, refreshing snack!

– ORIGINAL COCONUT: Such a gorgeous flavour which although is difficult to describe, is sure to be considered delicious to all 🙂 I love the slightly yellow colour to the liquid which makes it more special and differentiates it from other coconut water brands. I was also pleasantly surprised to have my senses raised by the smell which oddly enough reminds me of quark but is totally inviting, calling your name to begin glugging. The taste as well is also different in comparison to other brands of coconut water which I’ve tried and resembles more of Greek/ strained yoghurt due to the whey protein (so satisfying my tastebuds and receptors)! This unique flavour makes it the perfect constituent to a smoothie, bowl of oatmeal or pancake batter👌

– COCONUT PINEAPPLE: Oh my goodness! This flavour is totally incredible – it’s seriously like a drug to me now 😱 I did not know how delicious coconut water could be before I tried this. Seriously, the Pineapple CocoPro has blown all other brands/ flavours out the water! I simply adore this product and could drink it all day, everyday. I have always loved pineapple but usually found pineapple-flavoured products really artificial; however this isn’t like that at all. The pineapple taste seems so authentic and perfectly complements the quark/ Greek yoghurt taste provided by the whey protein to produce the best post-workout refreshment. It’s also perfect to use to soften banana ice cream or to hydrate along with a meal!


To explore my recipes using CocoPro, click here.

Mindfully, Moni x

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