Booja-Booja Review

– HAZELNUT CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES: Holy mackerel, oh my lord, I have no idea where to begin with this aphrodisiac specimen which has fallen straight from heaven. Even the photo and outer packaging had raised my sense receptors – I love the care and caution which goes into protecting the truffles as there are many layers to open/ remove before reaching the gorgeous truffles. Then, I was pleasantly surprised to find a small piece of paper with a beautiful, inspirational quote on it which says “Fear is when love stops short of infinity”! I can’t wait to find out what the other ones say – I simply love motivational, heartfelt quotes like that, they are just so meaningful to really remind you of what’s important in life: not materialistic possessions but qualities which have no monetary value like family and love.


Next, when I gently picked one from the tray of nine truffles, I carefully bit into the truffle and seriously my taste buds went on a roller-coaster of true pleasure. From the cacao dust coating on the exterior to the gooey, chocolate and hazelnut centre, oh my god it was just pure bliss! I just can’t believe that it’s dairy-free, organic AND gluten-free 😱 Seriously I don’t understand how Booja-Booja achieved such incredible taste whilst managing to use such wholesome products – it just goes to prove that you can eat nutritiously without giving up simple pleasures like a delicious truffle!  


Honestly, it became my favourite chocolately product within that one bite – I’m kidding you not, that the gooey centre tasted exactly like Nutella. The same consistency as the ‘real’, original Nutella spread (so a gorgeous thick, luscious and decadent chocolate filling) with a delicious addition of the hazelnut pieces to give it a scrumptious crunchy surprise every so often – whilst of course, beautifully complementing the rich chocolate flavour and smooth centre.  


Absolutely divine, the whole experience of eating just one truffle provided me with such pleasure – this is the truly the epitome of the hashtag #foodgasm!! When I die and go to heaven, if they make me pick one memory to relive for the rest of my life, without a doubt it’ll be the first bite into this Booja-Booja truffle as it was literally orgasmic πŸ˜… Sorry to say it but there’s no other word to describe it – I’m in love with a truffle and proudπŸ‘ŒπŸ’˜ This is truly a dessert which you’ll want to eat in a dark closet somewhere when no one’s looking, just so you don’t have to share with anyone! πŸ˜†


All I can say that if anyone wants to get into my good books, just buy me a box of (or even just one) Hazelnut Chocolate Booja-Booja Truffles and I’ll love you forever 😘


Mindfully, Moni x


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