The Raw Chocolate Company Review

– CHOCOLATE MULBERRIES: Wasn’t sure what to expect when tasting these as I’ve tried white and black mulberries before and didn’t really like how dry, crumbly and distasteful they were. However these chocolate mulberries are a different story and now understand why they are much more available than the normal mulberries. They’re simply delicious! Love the chocolate flavour and it completely overpowers any bad tastes of the mulberry👌The texture really works well and can resemble more to a chocolate ‘rock’ with crunchy granola! It’s really the perfect topping on a smoothie for a crunchy nibble or on pancakes – whatever takes your fancy, just get a pack of them ASAP!!

IMG_5765 IMG_5164  

– VANOFEE DARK: Probably one of my favourite chocolate bars EVER of any brand and of any flavour! It is simply too delicious to describe – it’s perfectly sweet due to the toffee flavour without being too decadent that you feel sick with guilt/ overindulgence! I absolutely love the toffee flavour and the hit of vanilla complements it beautifully, truly a match made in heaven 😍💖 I could eat this all day and all night if I could – seriously top stuff and without a doubt, the No.1 chocolate bar I’ve had in a while!! Be warned: once you taste it, there’s no going back and your wallet will be your new enemy! 😆


– PITCH DARK: The Raw Chocolate Co hasn’t failed to impress with their chocolate bar. Such a smooth, clean cut texture which simply melts in your mouth upon biting. I love the rich, dark flavour of the cacao which just appeals to your taste buds and satisfies even the sweetest of cravings ❤️ The bar is also perfect to melt and use as a sauce or topping on a cake/ jar of banana ice cream as the cool surface will harden the chocolate to produce a smooth, chocolately delicious layer of yumminess! My only advice is to keep an eye of how many squares you eat as it can spiral out of control. 


Mindfully, Moni x

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