The Primal Pantry Review

– COCONUT AND MACADAMIA: Truly love this bar 😍 The coconut and macadamia work so well together in both taste and texture – it’s so satisfying to bite upon a crunch macadamia nut or soft, chewy coconut shred 👌Simply divine – the perfect snack bar!

IMG_4908 - Copy (2)

– APPLE & PECAN: Subtle apple flavour which wasn’t as strong as one might expect but I still enjoyed it as I love the general bar itself – the chewy date and nut yumminess 💖 pecans were also delicious but all in all, a little disappointed in the lack of a strong apple flavour.

IMG_4936 - Copy

– COCOA AND HAZELNUT: Unsurprisingly my fav flavour no doubt 😏 The delicious chewy, melt-in-your mouth texture but oh my gawd – the BEST flavour combination known to man! ❤ Just wish that the bar was bigger 😂 simply spectacular – it’s got a divine rich chocolate taste but without the sickly, indulgent, decadent feeling that you get when eating chocolate so I would still call this a light bar which is definitely enjoyable!! And the hazelnut just adds the right amount of crunch as well as complements the chocolate flavour so exquisitely that it really feels like the bar has fallen straight out from heaven. Quite similar in flavour to the Cocoa Delight Nakd bar so if you like that then you’ll LOVE this!! Love at first bite is all I can say!

IMG_5118 - Copy (3)IMG_5091IMG_5090

– BRAZIL NUT & CHERRY: Omilord I loved this flavour so much!! The Brazil nut truly gives this bar a really unique flavour, it’s not shy in flavour which would have been disappointing, but it’s got a confident and powerful flavour which is just delicious! Having said that, the cherry flavour is far more subtle but is just about there, enough to complement the nut flavour in a match-made-in-heaven kind of way👌💟 Also the texture is gorgeous, with the small nut pieces breaking up the chewy bar in a way that gives the bar that little extra ‘umph’.. Simply no words to describe such amazingness!!


– ALMOND & CASHEW: Definitely the bar for those nut addicts there like me 😏🙌 Still has the yummy chewy consistency of the other bars but has a deliciously strong nutty taste which reminds me of cashew nut butter 😍 mmm seriously heavenly! And you know that I’m nuts about my nut butters so this one just appealed to all my taste centres and literally made them orgasm (😆) – serious contender for the top spot out of all the Primal Pantry bars.. I’m actually reconsidering my priorities right now cos this one is serious the bomb 💣

IMG_5493IMG_5435 - Copy (2)

Mindfully, Moni x

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