Rawr Chocolate Review

– 80% DARK: Surprisingly I really enjoyed this favour despite never liking high % dark chocolate, however I didn’t find it bitter at all, but a pleasant sweetness which wasn’t overbearing (probably as they all contain coconut palm sugar and lucuma for extra sweetness). Only criticism would be that it’s a little plain terms of consistency as it’s got no extra added nibbles but the taste is nonetheless divine!!

IMG_4784 - Copy (3) IMG_4731 - Copy

– LUCUMA: Absolutely lovely taste! Light in colour to resemble milk chocolate but nowhere near as overweening sweet so it’s brilliant if you’re not looking for a very sweet snack👌Love the innocence of this chocolate – the perfect pick me up treat without overindulging as its just one serving is satisfying enough with no extra sugar cravings 🙅 Really enjoyed the texture as it was hard and crunchy but not so much so that you’ll be worried about chipping your teeth like with some chocolates!! (PS. Works swimmingly well in something warm e.g. oatmeal as it melts slightly and all the gorgeous raw flavours like the Lucuma ooze out and is simply sensational!) What can I say!?… One of (if not) my favourite chocolate bar out of ALL the other brands not just Rawr chocolate – and I’m not getting paid to say that!!


– ORIGINAL: Absolutely delicious – honestly, not one single negative comment to say! I enjoy every second of this tasting experience, from the unwrapping of the gorgeously designed packaging and the first ‘crunch’ when initially biting into the bar to the swallowing of this heavenly chocolate ❤️ The taste itself is divine and just the perfect percentage of cocoa for me – 68% – so that it’s slightly more sweet than bitter but still has that earthy/ malty feel of organic, raw vegan dark chocolate. The most satisfying thing about this Rawr Chocolate bar is that the slightly crumbly texture makes it melt almost immediately in your mouth, meaning that all the different fabulous flavours of the ingredients will be released one by one in order to send your tastebuds on a rollercoaster of flavours! You can therefore really discover the taste of each constituent – the cacao, lucuma, carob and vanilla – and boy are these flavours totally dreamy 😍

IMG_5461IMG_4908 - Copy (3)   

– GOJI BERRY & VANILLA: Holy cacao of heavenly goodness 😱 Now this is a chocolate bar you don’t want to mess around with, oh no! You’ll want to savour every mouthful of this delicious and hide the bar out of sight from snooping chocoholics 😂 The goji berry lends this Rawr bar an extra dimension as the chewy texture complements the crumble/ crunch of the raw chocolate. Then you’ve got the gorgeous addition of a vanilla flavour which makes the bar slightly sweeter so that the whole tasting experience will leave you craving for more of where that came from 👅💦


– MINT: Another winner chocolate from Rawr! Honestly I don’t know how they do it – to create such flavoursome chocolate all from organic, fairtrade, dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan products! This chocolate had the perfect cocoa content for me – 68% – to get the best of both worlds of dark chocolate which isn’t too bitter. The general ingredients are all the same (cacao paste, cacao butter, coconut palm sugar, lucuma, carob, vanilla) but what makes this bar unique is that it has mint oil added which provides such a refreshing flavour. No nasties like artificial flavourings involved in creating this flavour means that the true minty taste is expressed and knocks After Eight right out the water! Simply the flavour combination of mint and chocolate is divine but it’s the experience of eating which makes Rawr Chocolate different to ordinary bars. When biting into the chocolate, your tastebuds are initially hit by the dark chocolate taste and only after chewing a few times is the mint flavour released, unlocking more and more flavour as you continue to chew until you reach a full-on mint overload! That absolutely is chocolatier and connoisseur alchemy – the escalation of mint flavour brings a whole new dimension to chocolate tasting.

Mindfully, Moni x

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