Raw Bite Review

– SPICY LIME: Not going to lie, I didn’t enjoy this flavour as I don’t really like spices such as ginger and chilli, both of which are present in this bar – I would’ve been perfectly fine with just the lime flavour! Having said that, it’s a personal preference and if you’re into spices then you’ll love this. On second tasting (I only ever eat 1/2 bars at a time to make them last longer) the spices were oddly weaker and not an overwhelming taste so I did in fact like it and finished it off quite quickly! Maybe the exposure to air weakened the spicy flavours but whatever happened, it worked for me 😇👍

IMG_4825 - Copy (2)

– CACAO: Love this one so much 😍❤ the raw cacao flavour is just deliciously rich and accompanied with the other ingredients like dates, cashews and almonds, just constitutes a yummy but not too indulgent bar so the perfect feel-good snack to energise you throughout the day👌


– VANILLA BERRIES: Was very interested to try out this flavour as it has a noticeably different appearance compared to the others – you can actually see the dried fruits (cherry, cranberry, mulberry) and nuts (cashews, almonds) which make up the bar. Although the consistency is mainly the same – chewy with nutty bits) the flavour is vastly unique. The cherry flavour is probably the strongest and hits you after a few bites after experiencing the nutty taste and I love that as it means you can enjoy and appreciate each taste in its own right! The vanilla isn’t too impacting which was slightly disappointing but nonetheless it’s still a delicious fruit and nut bar! Probably my second favourite ❤


– APPLE & CINNAMON: Absolutely gorgeous pick-me-up bar! I always associate cinnamon and apples with a warm, cosy evening by the fire in the winter as it conjures up feelings/ memories of a familial scene drinking mulled wine at Christmas 💟 so I love the nostalgic feel to this bar and love how strong and powerful the apple/ cinnamon flavours are to really give you that nostalgic kick! I think that the flavour combination is a match made in heaven and works incredibly well in this Raw Bite Bar! Definitely the one to go for if, like me, you love these flavours as you won’t be disappointed 🙅

IMG_5234 - Copy

– COCONUT: So much love for this bar it’s unbelievable! I mean I am a mega fan of all things coconut anyway so of course I’d be biased towards this flavour but it is so yummy 💖 I love the coconut shreds in it which not only provide the coconut taste but also adds another dimension to the Raw Bite as the texture is chewy and breaks up the soft, crumbly bar! It’s the perfect addition to an already yummy date base and complements the other ingredients (especially the cashew and almond nuts) exquisitely👌Can’t think of enough positive words as praise 😅

IMG_5734 - Copy

– CASHEW: Lovely flavour mmm so delicious! Really reminds me of cashew nut butter which I absolutely adore. The bar is very rich and flavoursome with a very strong nutty taste so might be a bit too indulgent for those who prefer lighter, fruity bars. I, as well, usually prefer fruity bars to break up the nutty taste but this is truly divine – maybe not to eat all in one go as it’d be far too dense for my taste palette but it works perfectly as a smoothie/ banana ice cream topping to complement a liquidy, fruity meal!

IMG_5765 - Copy (2)IMG_5867

– PROTEIN: Before I even get started with the amazing taste of this Raw Bite bar, I have to congratulate the product designer as the packaging is as cute as a button! I’m a typical girlie girl so anything pink has me at the word ‘go’ but even the shade is just so on point – so pale and is literally calling my name 😅 But the important point is that the bar is simply incredible. It has a dark colour like the Cacao Raw Bite bar but has a lighter flavour and isn’t as decadent, making it the perfect post-workout snack! I also love the texture of this bar as it’s harder than most other snack bars so won’t deform in your bag (I have severe OCD so physically cannot eat squashed bars!) but is still so soft and chewy when you bite into it and so you don’t have to worry about chipping a tooth ☺️ Plus, with 10g protein (from pea NOT WHEY!) in each bar, it’s the best way to kick-start your metabolism in the morning or refuel after exercising👌 


Mindfully, Moni x

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