Pip and Nut Review

Best thing of all of them is that they contain NO PALM OIL πŸŽ‰πŸ™Œ finally a nut butter which doesn’t have the horrendously (and clandestinely) unhealthy palm oil which is filled with saturated fats and contains a high number of calories (something you might not have thought for a vegetable oil)!! So that’s already inclined me towards saying that Pip and Nut is incredible 😏 Also the sachets are just adorable and the perfect serving size so no need for measuring (but to be honest you can never have too much nut butter)!! Only problem is that it’s more difficult to mix together the oil and nut butter which naturally separates when standing so make sure you squeeze about the bag before tearing open!! Nonetheless I think it’s easier to fully empty out a sachet then a jar which you have to scrape around in awkward places to get the last bit out however you simply just the sachet and it’s all outπŸ‘Œ

– PEANUT BUTTER: I absolutely LOVE peanut butter in any form – be it as a spread, powdered, as froyo, in nana ice cream. So you won’t be surprised that I have nothing negative to say about Pip & Nut’s peanut butter! Strong peanut taste which is gorgeous to team with a banana or spread on rye bread in the morning for a quick brekkie. It’s smooth and slightly runnier than spreadable PB you buy in jars so it would be worth to use this nut butter in a smoothie/ cake or even on its own, squeezed from the pack as a healthy, energising snack on the go! 

IMG_4784 - Copy  IMG_5047 IMG_5118 - Copy IMG_5296 - Copy (3) IMG_5867

– ALMOND BUTTER: Oh my gawd, I never knew almond butter could taste so good! On the first squeeze I was converted from a peanut butter addict to an almond butter loyalist! COME TO THE DARK SIDE, WE HAVE ALMOND BUTTER ❀️ Seriously though, the rich and overpowering taste of toasted almond blended with fine sea salt is sublime. The absolutely perfect recipe so that you’re left feeling satisfied yet craving more at the same time! I’m telling you: once you try this nut butter, you’ll never look back. 


– COCONUT ALMOND BUTTER: Love this! So original and unique in flavour but it’s absolutely divine – the coconut complements the almond so well that you’ll never want to return to original almond butter!! Not artificial tasting in the slightest which you get with some coconut flavoured products but not with this – Pip and Nut is simply first class quality πŸ’

IMG_4908 - Copy  

Mindfully, Moni x

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