LoveChock Review

– PURE/ NIBS BAR: Simply divine! 💖 the lovely crunch texture of the exterior is matched with a more crumbly interior and it’s so difficult to describe but is absolutely gorgeous! Love the raw chocolate taste and isn’t bitter in the slightest – just a delicious innocent taste of pure cacao 😍 Chockfull of flavonoids and ‘lovechemicals’ for a heavenly chocolate bar which is brimming with flavour, health benefits and wholesome goodness👌 Warning: the bars may be big, but each individual square is also quite big so you’ll finish the whole bar before you know it‼

IMG_5164    IMG_5493 - Copy (2)

– CHERRY AND CHILLI BAR: Was quite sceptical/ worried to try this flavour as I’m a known wimp when it comes to spices however I was pleasantly surprised when tasting that the sour cherry flavour is strongest and a lovely sour taste which is then hit by a wave of chilli, not overpowering in anyway but just enough to tickle your taste buds. Overall, a beautiful and exciting journey for your taste-buds and flavour receptors – truly sensational!! Also loved the different (chewy) texture which the dried cherries gave to the chocolate and broke up the hard, crunchy bar. This is simply perfect if you’re after a sensuous and delicious chocolate experience 💟 surprisingly, one of my top choices!!


– GOJI AND ORANGE BAR: Loved the smell of it when I opened the packet – even then my taste-buds were raised with anticipation! And ahh the glorious first bit was just exquisite – crunchy with a slightly malty texture so that it kind of crumbles with ease in your mouth ❤ and the flavours were just lush with the hint of orange just strong enough to taste but not too overwhelmingly powerful (a happy goldilocks medium👌) and the goji berries sprinkled throughout the bar is simply the perfect combination with the Orange flavour – a match made in heaven 💘 Also loved that the chewy goji berries added that extra gooey texture to the crunchy chocolate and truly gave it that extra wow factor for a sensational eating experience!



– ALMOND/ FIG BAR: There’s never a single negative thing that I can say about Love Chock and this chocolate bar is no exception! It’s got the usual crumbly texture when you bite into a piece, which I love as it’s not only unique to Love Chock but also because it’s softer on your jaw/ teeth as well as releases all the yummy flavours quicker. What made this truly special was the whole/ chunky pieces of almond nuts and dried figs to provide this Love Chock bar with an exceptional texture unlike anything else I’ve ever tried. The flavour combination was simply spot on and I honestly can’t fault this chocolate bar one way or another!! It’s making it super difficult to choose just ONE favourite. 


– PECAN/ MACA BAR: I’ve honestly run out of different ways to complement LoveChock on their amazing chocolates! With this bar, I love the earthier, more bitter taste presented by the maca – it proved an incredibly gorgeous addition to the bar and I’d say that this was definitely one of my favourites. The low melting point of their bars means that you enjoy a melt in the mouth experience and unlock all the various tastes in a tidal wave of flavours! Additionally, the crunchy texture of the chopped pecan nuts presents a new dimension to the eating experience and works swimmingly well with the crumbly, melty chocolate. Mmm.. Drifting off into a chocolatey day dream! 


– MULBERRY/ HEMP SEED ROCKS: It is what is says on the packet – a small ball of raw chocolate combined with mulberries, hemp seed and a pinch of reishi. Being a fan of mulberries, this concoction was truly phenomenal and a stroke of pure genius! The gorgeous crunch when biting through the chocolate exterior layer of the ‘rock’ is followed by the strong taste of the inside mulberries and then your hit with the hemp seed flavour – a wonderful journey for your taste-buds and flavour receptors in your mind 💕👌 The perfect topping for a smoothie or bowl of oatmeal, or simply as a snack on its own – but that might be dangerous as you can easily demolish a pack without hesitating!

IMG_5353 - CopyAcai Pineapple Smoothie Bowl

– ALMOND/ CINNAMON ROCKS: Surprisingly, this ‘rock’ had a completely different texture – and I’m not complaining as I love the variety between the Lovechock Rocks’ flavours! The outer coating of a sprinkled cocoa powder/ cinnamon layer was gorgeous: a melt-in-your-mouth kind of sensation which opens up to the inner layers which mainly consists of a whole, chocolate-coated almond as well as a pinch of reishi (consistent flavour for all the three varieties). I loved the whole almond at the centre as it gave the chocolate a more ‘rocky’ feel since it was crunchy and tough, unlike the mulberry one which was more crumbly. This works well with a liquidy-based meal such as a smoothie, bowl of oatmeal or banana ice cream so simply perfect for my food creations👌I highly recommend this flavour as its delicious, with perfectly balanced flavours, as well as constitutes the perfect consistency/ texture!


Mindfully, Moni x

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