iQ Chocolate Review

– BEAUTIQ: Absolutely loved this edition! First of all the packaging and design is so cute and love how all the health benefits are printed inside the packet to remind you how healthy chocolate can be (and wipes away any feelings of guilt👌)! The flavour itself was exceptional – not overly bitter but not too sweet like normal chocolate, the perfect middle path! Some might find the orange and sea buckthorn combination a little strange and overwhelming so I’d recommend eating it with something else e.g. in a smoothie/ oatmeal to cover the taste a bit but I really liked it. For me what’s special is that your taste receptors experience the orange and sea buckthorn flavours at different times so your hit with wonderful flavours separately so that you can really enjoy both flavours equally👌


– COCOA NIB CRUNCH: Delicious dark chocolate with the lovely crunch of the other bars however the cocoa nibs gives it that extra whammy of crunch and I love how the nibs give the bar a slightly more rough, wholesome texture which isn’t so smooth as the chocolate itself. Absolutely the perfect topping on a stack of pancakes or a banana ice cream tower! But it’s also perfect for melting and using in baking as the cocoa nibs keep its form and would give that yummy chocolate chip feel to your bakes 😇

IMG_5118IMG_5296 - CopyIMG_5435IMG_5628 - Copy (2)

Mindfully, Moni x

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