Cuckoo Foods Review

– CHOCO SOUR CHERRY: Simply divine! I don’t quite know what to say as I just loved it – definitely my favourite flavour. The texture (linseeds make it quite thick which I how I like my oat-based foods) and flavour were both amazing – loved how well the sour cherry complemented the chocolate taste! Was pleasantly surprised to also find a smooth layer of Madagascan vanilla which was almost too good to be true – felt so spoilt and was incredibly sad when I finished the pot as I seriously loved every single bite. Even more impressed, of course, due to the health benefits which the Bircher muesli has: low GI, all natural and a source of fibre so even more reason to love love love Cuckoo Foods and feel no guilt at all after such a filling, decadent snack!


– APPLE & CINNAMON: Really lovely flavour – just the right amount of apple and cinnamon so that you can taste it but isn’t too overwhelming as I know not everyone likes cinnamon. However, I absolutely love it so cheekily added some more to suit my taste. Only downside is that this pot doesn’t have an extra layer of jam/ yoghurt like the others and instead had raisins which I find repulsive so I just picked those out and enjoyed it all the same. Texture just as thick and perfect like the others.

– APRICOT & VANILLA: Second favourite after the chocolate one as I loved the summery feel of the two flavours! Worked so well together and thought that the raspberry compote layer was delicious – perfect addition to the muesli to make it a little bit more interesting, flavoursome and gooey ❤ nothing negative to say here!

IMG_4936 - Copy (2)

– MANGO AND COCONUT: Even as I peeked back the film off the lid, my taste-buds were immediately raised by the tropical smell of the mango mainly but also of the coconut 💕 mmm really transports you to an exotic island with real mango pieces and a strong, confident coconut flavour 💖 would definitely rate this as 11/10 and can see why it won the Great Taste 2014 Award! The hint of lime and ginger is just enough to complement the yummy tropical flavours but nowhere near overwhelming to overshadow the coconut and mango so truly an exceptional job done in balancing all the flavours👌Simply cannot wait to get my hands on another pot – I’m already planning my next stop at Waitrose to track this down!

IMG_5090 - CopyIMG_5091 - Copy

– ELDERFLOWER & CRANBERRY: No surprises here when I describe my love for this Bircher muesli flavour! Thought that it was truly sensational – I love all berries more than any other fruit so this pot was literally designed for me. This one also had a layer of compote, and this time it was blueberry and blackberry flavoured and mixed it with the muesli was absolutely gorgeous 💟 Perfect taste and with the trademark Bircher texture – lovely and thick – so a very enjoyable eating experience👌 Also liked how there were small real berry pieces (blackcurrants) which broke up the muesli for a refreshing chewy, juicy taste. The blackcurrants flavour itself is most powerful but I can definitely taste the elderflower and slightly sour cranberry – but all the flavours complement each other beautifully for a fantabulous pot of goodness!


Mindfully, Moni x


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