CLIF Bar Review

– CRUNCHY PEANUT BUTTER: Totally loved the strong peanut butter flavour ❤️ as a massive nutbutter addict, this was the perfect bar for me! With a lovely crunchy yet chewy texture, it stands out from my usual vegan fruit and nut bars which are usually super chewy but this CLIF bar was divine – perfect oaty, nutty and crunchy combination👌 simply the best bar to fuel you for whatever your endeavours may be – whether it’s exam revision, a Bikeathon, a day of camping or simply a long day at work 💪 great taste, texture and mobile – no need to carry a massive jar of PB or a heavy energy drink around!

IMG_5047 - Copy (2)IMG_5164

– CHOCOLATE CHIP: There’s only so many ways to say “I love it” and I’m running out of different variations 😂 so I’m going to say that this flavour is absolutely heavenly! The bar itself is delicious, I love the close but chewy texture/ consistency as well as of course that one of its base ingredients is oats and I’m simply an oats addict! The reason why this particular flavour is so unique is that the extra chocolate chips not only satisfy your sweet tooth and chocolate cravings, but also the chips add a more crunchy texture to the CLIF bar to break up the chewiness. Having said that, I experimented around and warmed up 1/2 this bar for 10secs and was transported on a roller coaster of sensuous delight as the chips melted slightly and the whole bar was softer – it was literally a melt-in-your-mouth experience and one you MUST try WHEN you buy this yumminess!!

Peanut Butter Cup Oatmeal

– BLUEBERRY CRISP: Even as I carefully tore open the packaging, my taste-buds were immediately raised by the delicious, strong smell of blueberry 💕 mmm really transports you to a berry farm with the bar’s real blueberry pieces and a yummy, confident chewy blueberry taste 💖 would definitely rate this as 11/10 and is definitely up there out of my favourites yet I was the most sceptical about this one first!👌Simply cannot wait to get my hands on another bar – I’m already planning my next stop at Wholefoods to track this down!

IMG_5435 - Copy

– CHOCOLATE ALMOND FUDGE: Was the most excited to try this flavour out of them all which is why I left it for second last! From even the flavour name, my taste-buds are tingling with anticipation and my brain is just screaming for me to grab this CLIF bar off the shelves, throw it into my trolley and enjoy it all by myself 😈 ahah and I can tell you that it does NOT disappoint 🙅 This is the one bar I’m telling you, you will not want to share so make sure you eat it when no one’s watching 😅 The chocolate and almond flavour is so delicious and powerful to really overwhelm your senses! And also ahh the fudgey texture is simply gorgeous – the chocolate coating melts in your mouth to create a truly heavenly and decadent experience 😍 this bar is the reason why that emoji was created! 😍😍😍😍 <— that emoji just speaks for itself (it’s at times like this when words are just inadequate to express such yumminess and such pleasure)!

IMG_5628 - Copy

– WHITE CHOCOLATE MACADAMIA: Holy mackerel; shut the front door; oh my word..! I don’t quite believe how incredibly delicious this CLIF bar quite is 😍 I definitely saved the best til last!! The whole experience was simply divine, like the almighty Lord himself had graced this beautiful bar with his magical powers. The crumbly, oaty luscious base is the same as the other flavours but then there’s an additional crunch due to the presence of whole macadamia nuts as well as a drizzled white chocolate topping to give the bar a very decadent, naughty-but-nice feel to it. I have completely fallen in love with this heavenly CLIF bar as all the textures and flavours of the various ingredients complement each other perfectly to constitute a truly immaculate snack ❤️ Even more sensuous when slightly warm (either in the microwave or chopped up and sprinkled over oatmeal) since the bar becomes softer, more chewy and simply melts in your mouth!

   Mindfully, Moni x

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